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InnoTrans 2016

Experience the digitalisation of DB live on site

09/2016 - A friendly robot that willingly provides information; trains that make their current status available at any time; an app with which you can make purchases during a train journey for collection at the destination station – all these and more innovative solutions can be experienced live at InnoTrans in Berlin from 20 to 30 September!

InnoTrans, the biggest international trade fair for rail and transport technology, is being held in Berlin for the eleventh time this year. Around 3,000 exhibitors from all over the world use this leading fair that attracts more than 100,000 trade visitors as a point of contact and a presentation platform for their innovations and technologies.

The joint stand of the DB Group this time bears the slogan: “Moving Mobility 4.0”; 17 business units of the DB Group, including DB Systel, are exhibiting their capabilities on an area of 800 square metres in the CityCube Hall B. Together with our various customers and partners from the DB Group, we present you with a selection of our current projects and solutions. An indication that digitalisation of DB is in full swing is the fact that we are represented at InnoTrans with considerably more themes than ever before.

DB Systel presents innovations at the stand of the DB Group

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One eye-catching feature of the stand is certainly Pepper, the humanoid robot that can understand natural language and is capable of conducting real dialogues. In a joint venture between DB Systel and IBM, the use of robotics in association with artificial intelligence (using the Watson AI system) is being tested for DB. At InnoTrans, Pepper can not only help you to find your way around the stand, but can also offer you an overview of the digitalisation process. In a later configuration stage, Pepper could very well be used productively in travel centres to offer passengers not only infotainment, but also practical information about the entire travel chain – from planning and weather information to cultural tips and much more.

Solutions for efficient rail infrastructures

Without a functional rail network with traction current supply and operational stations, tunnels and bridges, no train could ever run. The infrastructure therefore forms the basis of the entire railway operations. And digital solutions support the cost-effective operation of this infrastructure. Lumen over IP” enables intelligent and demand-oriented light control at stations and other company sites for greater energy efficiency. The ADAM system permits the digital monitoring of lifts and escalators at stations and the prompt notification of faults, in order to avoid disruptions and to provide passengers with the latest information.

And BIM (Building Information Modelling) is an integrated procedure for the digital analysis and control of a construction project in all phases of its implementation – from draft design and planning, through execution to operation. Among other things, this uses Virtual Reality, which can, however, also be useful in quite different fields of application: with the Class 412 simulation we are presenting a learning application for ICE 4 train drivers that enables training to take place on the virtual object at any time or location, without the need to deploy any material resources.

Rail vehicles are also being increasingly digitised and are demanding solutions for the train IT system. Digital vehicle solutions (DVS) create a standardised IT platform for the transmission of status data from the train. This means, for example, that location data, vehicle data or motor data can be collected and transmitted, regardless of the train type. With Operational Intelligence, on the other hand, we have developed an IT platform for the evaluation of such machine data. This stores, analyses and visualises sensor data, log files or social media data, for example, in order to set up data cockpits for a wide range of applications.

Data-based innovations

Innovations are created in all areas of mobility, transport and logistics. In this way, existing businesses are optimised and completely new business models are also developed. Skydeck is the creative heart of DB Systel and acts as a breeding ground for innovations. This is where ideas are born for making use of new technologies and for digitalisation within the DB Group. Here we support both our own employees and our customers by means of creative techniques and methods for implementing prototypes – for the “Internet of Things”, for example.

Innovative ideas often are based on a new way of linking existing data. By means of Open Data and Open API, railway data is made publicly available – often through collaboration and always very quickly – in order to find intelligent solutions to the problems of the future. One example is the prototype Lift Monitor app. This sends the operating status of lifts in stations to a smartphone by means of a push message and thus allows continuous monitoring. And, if you are handling very large volumes of data, big data is the right approach for “treasure hunting” in your data by using suitable analyses. Our colleagues from DB Mindbox and DB Systel together will show you exactly what DB has on offer on the stand.

Creative solutions

The creative minds at DB Systel are also active in entirely different areas. For example, the RailPos system, with sensors and GPS, delivers a pinpoint location and orientation of rail vehicles on the line and at stations. In future this will, for example, enable possible sources of faults affecting trains with tilting technology to be detected sooner than was previously possible. You can experience the functional principle of this innovative system live at the DB exhibition stand.

Needless to say, passengers are not forgotten: the Reisebuddy (“Travel Buddy”) is a text-message concierge service that translates the individual wishes of passengers into reality. This service, which is already in productive use, offers advice, reservation and booking services from a single source for all matters relating to the travel chain. And with DB OneStopShop, the luggage locker becomes a digital shopping basket: mobile purchasing from the train or elsewhere en route and collection of the purchased items from a locker at the destination station – allowing the passenger to relax and enjoy the journey. You can test the prototype of this solution live at the stand in the form of a “trial purchase”.

So you can see: there’s lots to discover on the way to the digitalisation of the railway. If you would like to find out more, then come and see us at the DB stand no. 406 at CityCube Hall B. And subscribe to our newsletter in order to keep up to date with further technological developments.