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Discovering data troves

Win a big data workshop!

06/2016 - Big data is becoming more and more important for Deutsche Bahn. Are you at all aware of the value your data could actually have? It is therefore high time to gain an overview of what big data is all about, learn how your specialist department can utilise it and what objectives they can achieve. Win a workshop to find the treasure buried in your data!

Since data volumes are frequently very expansive and heterogeneous in nature, it is sometimes difficult to know exactly where to start using and processing data further. You have no clue on how big data can be used to your company’s advantage been expressed for a large-scale project? DB Systel can lend you a helping hand:

We will be raffling off three six-hour workshops with a consultant and a data scientist for DB specialist departments to track down the troves in your data.

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This workshop primarily focuses on specialist departments that are in need of gaining an overview of the possible added value associated with their data for orientation purposes. Initial customer-relevant requirements can be automatically classified and categorised so that the specialist department can prepare for potential projects in a target-oriented manner.

The raffle is closed, please do not enter anymore!

Nonetheless, herefore, you would like to find the treasures hidden in your data? Let us know. Please use the contact form. We will get in touch with you and make an individual consulting appointment!

How to participate:
Send us an e-mail E-Mail, stating the respective data sources and possible evaluation objectives that you would like to examine.

Rules for participation:

  • For employees of the DB Group only (employees of DB Systel are not eligible)
  • Your e-mail must reference your organisational unit and your business address
  • The deadline is 31.08.2016
  • Drawing the lot decides. Legal action shall be precluded.

In the event of a win:

The winners will be informed in writing, and a corresponding workshop date will be scheduled up to 31.10.2016.Please be sure to note the following points to ensure that the workshop can take place:

  • Preparatory conference call lasting approximately one hour
  • Workshop participants have different views of the data and may very well come from different specialist departments
  • Participants are presented who are authorised to release or approve data
  • Participants are presented who productively work with the data
  • Optional: You have already gathered a few interesting ideas on what added value could be extracted from the data